Vacuum Sealer Guide

Choosing a Sealer for Vacuum Sealing Foods


When food is not stored properly, it will rot, decompose and become inedible over time. Vacuum sealing foods is a method that is being used to deal with this problem. Sealers are used to package food in order to preserve it. Vacuum sealing increases the shelf life of food by around five times more. With different types of sealers available, you should know what to check or consider when choosing one for your home.


Consider how much you will be using the sealer to seal your food. The number of times you will be vacuum sealing will determine the kind of machine that you should purchase. Many external vacuum sealers are designed to handle low and medium packing volumes. These are best for packaging several dozens daily, thus being best for domestic use.


The items that you are going to be packaging will determine the sealer that you should get. If you are packing something that needs all the air removed, you are likely to package using an external or chamber sealer. When packing delicate items like potato chips, chamber sealers with inert gas kits are required. The inert gas will replace the oxygen to ensure the food does not go bad. You can also learn more about vacuum sealing by checking out the post at


The size of the sealer is something to consider. If you are using a chamber sealer, you should get the one that comes with a chamber whose size will suit your packing needs. External sealers on the other hand are best for packaging items that are awkwardly sized, thus best for the home.


Most people use sealers from this website to package complete meals. These are then sold for cooking at a later date. In many homes, people package their own meals, which they boil in pots. If you want to cook vacuum sealed foods, you should use bags that can be boiled, which are known as bailable barrier bags.


The price of a sealer is something to check as you do not want to purchase a sealer that you cannot afford. Always budget beforehand to ensure that you start looking for a sealer that falls within your price range. While considering the price, look at the features that any sealer has to offer. The features will ensure that you get the sealer that will work best for you.


Before purchasing a Save It Fresh sealer for vacuum sealing foods, remember that different types of sealers come with different sealer bags. There are bags that can be used between machines, but there are bags that are specific to the type of sealer you have. Always ask in order to get the best results.